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Raccoon is a sneaky little framework for creating server-side Javascript apps.

We already use Javascript to create rich frontends for our applications—so why not go to the next level? Raccoon brings together the power of MooTools and v8cgi, enabling you to create server-side javascript apps without the pain.

Our goal for Raccoon was to create a nice and simple framework that only includes the bare essentials to get apps running. But because it uses MooTools, you still get all the flexibility you'll need to extend and modify the framework.

Tell Me More!

Giddy yet? Great! Read the faqs to get answers to your questions, then head out to the docs to get started with building apps with Raccoon. And if you're hungry for some code, head out to out Github repo and check out the bleeding edge.

Who's Behind It?

Team Raccoon is composed of Mark Obcena (@keeto, Keetology) and Jabis Sevon (@jabis, Pumppumedia).


Team Raccoon would like to thank the MooTools Team, the v8cgi Team and the guys from MooTooled. Here's a waving box for you to enjoy{ []/.

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